Building consensus through participatory leadership

 9.30am to 4.30pm, Thursday 29 November 2018, CBD location TBC

A one day workshop aimed at managers, to increase clarity and connection in workplace and stakeholder relationships.

Consensus is often taken to mean ‘everybody loses a little bit’ or ‘no-one wins’. This is based on a win-lose paradigm of conflict resolution. But what if there were another way – a ‘no-lose’ paradigm where  all impacted parties felt heard and able to have their needs met?

We will provide a safe, supportive learning environment where participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice strategies for involving staff and stakeholders in decision making,
  • Learn skills to bring authenticity to their professional relationships through identifying and expressing their needs and listening to other’s needs,
  • Clarify boundaries (identify who is responsible for what),
  • Clarify problem definition and ownership, and
  • Collectively work on solutions that meet identified needs.

The session is based on a framework of authentic, responsible leadership. Learning will be experiential, and based on real world scenarios.

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This session is presented by Kiri Bear and Nilashi Dissanayake..

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